Made-To-Order Plushies
Let The Furducers bring your character to life in plushie form! Our plushies are made with high-quality anti-pill fleece and stuffed with premium polyester fiberfil, and are washing machine safe. Our attention to detail will bring out your character's personality. Whether they are dreamtime companions or world travellers, we're sure you'll love our plushies.

Plushies by The Furducers come in a number of shapes and sizes. See below for details!


Our original plushie design, this quadrupedal design resembles an animal with its legs splayed out and reaching for something. This design comes in four sizes: Petite, Classic, Grande, and Deluxe.
Starting at $80 (plus shipping) for any size. Price varies depending on complexity.

Micro Grabby-Paws

An extra-small, simplified version of our Grabby-Paws design.
Price: $40 plus shipping.

Colossal Grabby-Paws

This monstrously large plushie is twice the size of the 'Deluxe', and is great for cuddling.
Starting at only $199 plus shipping!

Grabby-Paws sizing information: Length from nose-tip to base of tail.
6.5 in. / 16.5 cm12.5 in. / 32 cm15 in. / 38 cm18 in. / 46 cm22 in. / 56 cm44 in. / 112 cm


For characters designed to walk on two legs, our Anthro plushie design will be right up your alley! Anthro plushies can also be customized with clothing. Inquire for details! We currently only offer one size of Anthro plushies.
Starting at $80, plus shipping. Price varies depending on complexity.


Our Feral plushies are designed to convey a more realistic, wild design. Unlike the Grabby-Paws design, the Feral plushie can stand on its own, but is just as cuddly as our other plushie designs. We currently only offer one size of Feral plushies.
Starting at $80, plus shipping. Price varies depending on complexity.


After getting a commission to make a bumble bee that looked as silly as possible, the "derpy" plushie was born! This is a very simplified design consisting of a football-shaped head and body, with very small legs. You can even make the eyes crossed for an extra-derpy look!
Price: $40 plus shipping.

You name it!

Do you have a specific character or design in mind that doesn't really fit into any of the categories above? Feel free to send us an email with your request; we will try to make any idea work. We're always up for a challenge...
Inquire for details!

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